Saturday, April 1, 2017

St. Louis in 2 Days | The Arch & City Museum


  (Sara: "Wait- you're not getting the arch in the frame!" Camera: *Click*)

1. City Museum
Perhaps the best museum in the history of ever, this sprawling playground is an adult's childhood dream. Crawl through countless winding tunnels, careen down a 10-story slide, and climb through enclosed passages in the outdoor Monstrocity.

 All in all, the City Museum was one of my favorite stops and will definitely be on my "revisit" list.

2. Science Center
Your typical science-y and mathical exhibits and displays. Highlights: Singing Tesla coils, rocking flight simulation, and the ever-looming Severe Weather imax.

A faraday cage sits above the audience during the demonstration.

See mo' of our trip to MO in my collaboration with Sammy from C'est La V!

Outfit Details:

Superman Tee/ Shoes: Walmart | Denim Shirt/ Moto Jacket: Thrifted | Yellow Skirt: Ragstock | Crossbody: Poshmark
What are your favorite STL destinations?