Monday, August 29, 2016

Secret Agents and Time-Travelers: Comic Con 2016


Welcome to the Tampa Bay Comic Con of 2016! As promised, I am sharing my first-time Comic-Conner experience with you as the one and only Agent Peggy Carter. It was definitely a new and strange feeling to be surrounded by so many adults who were dressed up as characters and to finally (FINALLY!) get to dress up since I gave up trick-or-treating at the less-than-ripe age of 18. It's been a long time, people. I think cosplay is going to be my remedy for missing the dress-up days of Halloween. :) Read on to see how I brought (or tried to bring) my inner secret agent to life.

Agent Carter Cosplay:
  • Signature Red Fedora
  • Navy Suit (I skipped the vintage '40s style due to time constraints)
  • ID Card (optional- I never actually used it since you don't really see Peggy flash her SSR card on the show, but I couldn't resist the coordination of the pearl lanyard with the rest of the costume.)
  • Flats/Comfortable Shoes (heels may be necessary for the costume, but at least flats will bring your feet a reprieve during the long wait in lines)
  • Characteristic Booty-Kicking Face (naturally) ;)

Also a first time Comic Con-ner, my sister Abby of (blog unknown) cosplayed as the 10th doctor (AKA my favorite, David Tennant) and my older sister Heidi (TheHeidiDee) and her son followed the trend of avid nerds everywhere and cosplayed as Pokémon characters Misty and Ash (what Pokémon could resist being captured by this little guy??)

 Though I'm not an extremely nerdy person by most accounts, I was beyond excited to see Jenna Coleman (AKA Clara), my second favorite Doctor Who character of all time (behind, of course, David Tennant). Not only is her character witty and charmingly cheeky, but she has one of the best wardrobes on British television, is always adorable, and works as a schoolteacher when she's not off in the Tardis on an adventure. Meeting Jenna wasn't quite as epic as I was hoping (you only get like a minute to say hi, pose, and be sent on your merry little way), it was one of those bucket list items that you will never forget. Plus I was pleased that our picture turned out as fierce as I could hope for.

After finishing the photo shoot with Jenna, we wandered around the different booths until it was time to wait forever in line at Sean Astin (Sam, Lord of the Rings)'s and Jack Gleeson's (Game of Thrones) photo sessions. Of course, I had to stop to find the Agent Carter Pop! figure before convincing myself not to take it home with me.

Besides Clara, Sam, and the Game of Thrones guy, we also saw a vintage Batman and Robin duo, Superwoman, a cleverly played Captain Jack Sparrow, SuperSonic, and strange-looking characters from games and movies that I have never seen before in my life. And, oddly enough, I found myself perking up when I spotted a Svengoolie impersonator nearby. I guess weird things are just bound to happen here.

All in all, I had a great time and can't wait to come back again in the future (already I'm trying to think of what geekchic character I can pose as next time. Perhaps I can shed my superagent for a sassy, classy time-traveler).

Have you ever been to Comic Con, and who is your go-to cosplay?

Red Fedora: Amazon | Navy Blazer: Poshmark | Blouse: Choies | Skirt: Gifted | Shoes: Borrowed
Pearl Lanyard: Michaels

xoxo, Sara

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Posh in Paradise: Nautical Stripes and Primary Anchors


As we sail toward the horizon of Fall, there's got to be at least one time when I put together a decently nautical ensemble in the hopes of reviving the last embers of summer. This requires at least one navy piece, some red and gold accents when necessary, and, of course, a dash of anchors to complete the look. I was fortunate to find a perfectly pier-worthy bag and accompanying necktie scarf from Poshmark a couple weeks before I headed south; the anchor-and-rope pattern on the scarf corresponds with the inner lining of the bag, which makes matching them a cinch when thrown together with solids or light patterns/textures.

In other news, I was lucky enough to experience my first Comic Con while in Florida (you might have seen evidence on FB or been beaten to death with it if you follow me on IG- problems both of a first-time Comic Conner and an already avid Instragrammer. I apologize if you were one of those people dragging themselves through the dregs of my geekchic-fandomming.:) ). I don't want to give away too many details to those not victim to my social media habits, but you can read all about the pirate-sighting, hobbit-holding, dynamic-duoing, and pokemon-catching in the upcoming post dedicated to all things fangirl (and boy).

Until then, mates!

Top: Choies | Skirt: Thrifted | Mustard Sandal: similar here  | Hat: purchased in Chicago
| Navy Crossbody with Matching Scarf: Poshmark