Saturday, July 2, 2016

La Vie Français | Part I


 Bienvenue à Lyon!

The views inside and outside of our hostel... (which I dedicatedly pronounced "hos-TELLE" just to add a more glamorous-sounding touch to it) :)

We were so fortunate to stay atop Fourviere Hill, where you can find many historical locations dating back to ancient times. It also provided a grand view of Vieux Lyon (Old Town) (which you can faintly see in the background on the left).

This was one of my favorite views in all of Lyon.

After finding out that there were no towels in the hostel, some of us decided we would rather hoof it to go buy one than make do without. Because it was such a pain to have to go out and explore the city. ;) And we may have just found a little fruit and veggie shop on the way- my first food in France.
Again, the sights from our hill!!! On the left, you can see a band of musicians playing atop a building, adding a sweet melody to the air as we wandered Vieux Lyon.

 Navigating Lyon's 6th arrondissement at night.

Finally, our first dinner in France! Lyon is world-famous for its cuisine, and is sometimes referred to as the "stomach of France". After one meal, it was easy to see why.
 Taglierini De Cecco aux Moules, Petits Paris et Fleurette au Safran (basically pasta and mussels)

 Favorite food in all of France: Escargot (Seriously. It was AMAZING.)

Wandering post-dinner for a pharmacy to get some things. Even though there are pharmacies on practically every corner in France, we had to search a while before finding one that was still open (and having the doors shut in our face a couple times in the process). :D

From the balcony of the hostel, you could see the lights of the city shining out to the horizon. It was a truly magical sight, and even more magical to think that I was breathing the same air that ancient Romans had breathed thousands of years earlier. Ah, France.