Thursday, November 26, 2015

Gold and Silver Days


I hope you all had a lovely Thanksgiving! Mine included turkey, ham, mashed potatoes, pumpkin pie, soft, buttery rolls... much fabulous food that I wish I could rewind back to again. And, of course, it was nice to see family that I hadn't seen for several months.
I am reminded of many things I have to be thankful for this year, most of which are the usual food, shelter, family, etc., but I am also thankful for opportunities and experiences I have been able to be part of. I am thankful to find success in education, pleasure in hobbies, and freedom in beliefs. There is also an adventure I am thankful to be embarking on in the beginning of the next year, but that is a secret to be revealed at another time. :)
 Tonight I also got out for some early Black Friday deals, and I have to say it is not a particularly pleasing event when there are dozens of people going after the same things you are. Before I had even made it very far into a store, a woman very rudely shouted, "Move out of the way, ____ it!" And I was so shocked that someone would be so outrageous (to me, a stranger who was not really doing anything worthy of that treatment) that I completely forgot what I was standing there for in the first place, and when I finally remembered that I was in line to get an ad, I also realized I would have to get in line right behind that very blatant woman. Now THAT was an exciting experience.
 After I recovered and was able to quickly create some distance between us, I located the luggage I was going after (a nice houndstooth hardcase) and picked up a few extra things along the way. I nearly had a heart attack when I realized that two people were loading up on the very suitcases I had my eye on too, but fortunately they decided not to take the entire pallet's worth of products and I secured mine. It drives me crazy when people stock-pile their carts with sale items only to sell them later on eBay for a higher price. I mean, what about us people who only want one? And have been looking and looking for that one item to go on sale finally?? It almost seems dishonest, the way they are taking advantage of lowered store prices. But hey. That's my own humbled opinion. :)

Are you a deal-seeker or a crowd-avoider? What are your plans for Black Friday?

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xoxo, Sara

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Fall Fabulous


I can't believe Thanksgiving is only one week away! So much to do, so little time. I love these fall-themed pieces on Polyvore that capture the sophistication of autumn colors as well as the crisp coolness that leather and plaid add to any ensemble.

Fall Fab

Thanksgiving break is going to be a great time to just chill, catch up on blogging, etc. AND of course, enjoy the holiday. After that, it's only a few weeks left until Christmas! Where is the time going???

What are your go-to fall pieces?

xoxo, Sara

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Morning Has Broken

6 AM
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7 AM
8 AM


Well, the warm temperatures can only last so long. October was generally warm, stunningly beautiful, and pleasantly pumpkins, but now it's time to move on to Thanksgiving. And hooray for the time change! I can get up early and not have to stub my toes trying to navigate in the dark. I actually shot these photos on an early morning of late October and THIS is the one reason I survive 8 AM classes: I am a sap for sunrises. If I could take a picture of every one, I would.
     It's really hard realizing that this is my last Fall in college. I just can't imagine not seeing the beautiful bursts of Autumn color on campus, and considering UIUC is famous for its gorgeous scenery, it's going to be even harder to stay away. I will miss walking down the main quad and feeling the open air, seeing the tall, old-fashioned buildings presiding over the fringes of the quad. I'll miss the sound of the bells chiming in the distance and the taste of long john donuts just picked up from the Law Building. I will miss the peace and tranquility the solitude brought me while sitting in the woods with a book or eating lunch in the ACES library (which, coincidentally, was not actually allowed). So many memories make me regret not living every moment to its fullest in the present, but they also remind me of the many great moments I did have and continue to have. I'll miss the University and its superb seasonal campus, but you know what? I'll be back.

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xoxo, Sara