Friday, October 23, 2015

Set the Sun Afire


 I don't know if it is the season or how the sun sets at this time of year, but either way there have been some beautiful sunsets out lately. This one is one of my favorites because the sky was purple and pink for much of the time the sun was setting.

I've noticed that I seem to talk a lot about the weather or seasons or general outdoor phenomenon lately, and I apologize for the boring just-to-make-conversation tone. The truth is, there is a lot going on right now. I am in my final year of college, I am preparing to start my career, I am a single parent raising a fur child... you get the picture. And through all of that, I haven't managed to lose my sense of procrastinability. I still go on photo adventures, I try to snap a few impromptu outfit pics on random days that I manage to wear something that works, and yes, I still think about blogging. And about how it's been forever since I've posted.

Of course, I couldn't forget how Hulu and Skittles have been there for me through thick and thin.

All this to say, I'm still here. The ideas are still cooking. And I have something big up my sleeve that I am just itching to share once things are closer to finalization. Soon, soon.

P.S. You know those awkward moments when you have school pictures done, and all through high school you're like *o_o*  better luck next year? And every time you tell yourself, "It can't get any worse" and "In a year's time I will have had my beauty spurt . For sure this time."?

I got my senior pictures done, and ever since I have been like "I'm in college! I'll finally have good school pictures now!" And then I got them back. In 1/4 of them I look drunk, in another 1/4 of them I look like I am very unhappy about holding a fake diploma and having a cap squish my carefully-done hair (actually I was annoyed because the photographer was trying to get me to smile in a way I KNEW would be hideous on me. When you've had a rocky relationship with school pictures, you quickly learn what works and what doesn't in the hopes that you won't make the same mistake twice). In 1/8 my head is turned so that my chin vaporizes, another 1/8 catches me in a Cheshire cat smile that explodes chin everywhere. And the remaining 2 pictures? They turned out OK. Just OK. Not fabulous.

And at this moment, I am eternally grateful for those 2 OK pictures. As one of them finds its way into the yearbook, I just pray that it won't feel like the oddball it is. But you know what? We can't all be a Scarlett Johansson and we can't all be conventionally beautiful. But we can all beYOUtiful. <3

Finally, for all you lovely readers out there, get this print free from Crafty Collaborations when you use the code beYOUtiful23 at checkout. But hurry! This discount expires October 30th.  :)

Sweater/Skirt/Vest: Thrifted | Boots: Old | Watch: Impressive Trends

 xoxo, Sara


  1. I love the vest! SO cute!!!!!

    Best Wishes,
    Allison Jones |

  2. Thanks! It's definitely a staple. :)


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