Saturday, October 31, 2015

Hold the Phone(Booth)


I decided to do a fun take on the typical Superman costume by having a transformation from Clark (Clara?) Kent to his super alter ego in the same outfit. After having the suit on for quite a while, I decided to open it so that people would stop thinking I was A. a Mormon or B. a salesperson and see that I was clearly supposed to be in costume. And it worked! When my photographer and I stopped for sushi, I received a nice comment from an employee and she had the cashier make a reference to her Supernatural Castiel costume at the checkout.

I think I will have a hard time not having a costume when I am an aging adult. It's just too much fun to give up. :)

Did you dress up for Halloween, and if so, what was your new costumed identity?

Blouse: Borrowed | Skirt: Thrifted | Coat/Superman Top+Cape: Gifted | Shoes: Walmart | Glasses: dresslink

 Candy Awaits!

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