Monday, August 10, 2015

Oranges, Peaches, and Sweet Tea | Part I: The Mountains


 I feel like I should revoke my former greeting and replace it with the more setting-appropriate "Howdy, y'all!".

It's vacation time (WOOTWOOT). And this summer, I was able to travel from the richly soiled Illinois farmland to the as-of-yet non-descript Kentucky (horse country?), to the mountains of southern Tennessee and the winding roads of Alabama, to the peachy-ness of sweet Georgia (and Atlanta's not-so-sweet traffic) to the tropical mainland paradise of Florida.

I think I must have been born a road-tripper (and that is definitely not something that I would have gotten from my parents) because I LOVE being able to see new places and experience a different setting than the same ole same ole. Let's face it, I love Illinois. I truly do. But it just isn't the extent of American landscaping. Sometimes a girl just needs mountains and beaches in her life, you know?

Anyway, many more adventures are in store and I hope you can follow my journey down America. Nature awaits!

xoxo, Sara

P.S. You might have recognized this outfit from Forest Fantasy (AKA the Hunger Games), but I'm going to be honest here- it's really comfortable. And when you're sitting for 20+ hours across about 4 states, comfort is a life-or-death situation.


  1. Love the photos! I would love to visit the south.

  2. Great pictures! I go to school in the south and I love it! try to hit up the Gulf Shores of Alabama! Have fun!

    xoxo Dani


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