Saturday, August 29, 2015

Part III: Striped Pastels and Macarons


The school year has officially begun BUT the fun is just beginning. This year marks my final one in college and represents how far I've come since entering as a Freshman. I have made more friends than I can keep track of, have been more places than I epected, and have done things that I would have been too shy to do before. In fact, I think one of the best things college has done for me is to break my shell. And THAT was something that has held me back all my life.

Anyway, these pictures are from Florida and the great times had there. I discovered a macaron shop (!!!) in one of the malls we went to and I FINALLY got to try macarons for the first time. That was huge. Like bucket-list level. Not only was the shop adorable (as you can see from the pictures above), but the employee had a FRENCH ACCENT and I had to catch myself from falling over in wide-eyed, limp-jawed elation. Once I recovered, I asked her how to correctly pronounce "macaron" and have been saying it in my struggling French accent ever since. When I finally got to have a macaron I realized I don't actually care for the taste as much as I anticipated, but whatever. It was the whole eperience that was WORTH it.
I am going to try to be diligent with my posting as I get my study schedule figured out, so we'll see how that goes. As usual,

Adventure awaits!

Top: Ragstock | Bow Skirt: Romwe | Shoes: Shoetopia | Hot Pink Crossbody: Thrifted

Monday, August 17, 2015

Oranges, Peaches, and Sweet Tea | Part II: Sailor's Nest


 I knew I had to bring this dress when I found out we would be living on the Gulf for a week. What I didn't know was that the house would be decked out in similarly themed/color-schemed decor. And that makes little-theme-freak me VERY happy.

I got this anchor-embroidered dress from eShakti, with whom I have collaborated before, with the thought of vacation in mind. It's made of a light cotton and is, as I mentioned before, beautifully embroidered on the skirt. I think it could be worn well with little pops of color, but this time I decided to pair it with straw accents and a parrot-and-flowers hairclip to let the nautical simplicity speak for itself. And as with other eShakti products, this item is customizable and specially tailored for you, the customer (this particular design was originally sleeveless, but I LOVE the fact that I can have it made with sleeves for a small price). 

eShakti is always having amazing deals and sales, so stop by often to stay afloat in the savings! To see my latest collaboration with eShakti, click here (Royally Blue Part I) and here (Royally Blue Part II).

(This post is not sponsored by the featured product and only reflects the opinion of the customer).

Dress: eShakti | Shoes/Hat: Thrifted | Paradise Hairclip: Gifted | Sunnies: Old

 Bon voyage!
xoxo, Sara

Monday, August 10, 2015

Oranges, Peaches, and Sweet Tea | Part I: The Mountains


 I feel like I should revoke my former greeting and replace it with the more setting-appropriate "Howdy, y'all!".

It's vacation time (WOOTWOOT). And this summer, I was able to travel from the richly soiled Illinois farmland to the as-of-yet non-descript Kentucky (horse country?), to the mountains of southern Tennessee and the winding roads of Alabama, to the peachy-ness of sweet Georgia (and Atlanta's not-so-sweet traffic) to the tropical mainland paradise of Florida.

I think I must have been born a road-tripper (and that is definitely not something that I would have gotten from my parents) because I LOVE being able to see new places and experience a different setting than the same ole same ole. Let's face it, I love Illinois. I truly do. But it just isn't the extent of American landscaping. Sometimes a girl just needs mountains and beaches in her life, you know?

Anyway, many more adventures are in store and I hope you can follow my journey down America. Nature awaits!

xoxo, Sara

P.S. You might have recognized this outfit from Forest Fantasy (AKA the Hunger Games), but I'm going to be honest here- it's really comfortable. And when you're sitting for 20+ hours across about 4 states, comfort is a life-or-death situation.