Friday, June 12, 2015



 I thought it would be fun to "YO-HO MATEYS!" other boaters... apparently not everyone was on deck with that.

Bonjour mateys!

Yesterday I set sail on my first paddle-boating adventure with my little sister in tow and learned three things right out of the gate:

1. If you don't know how to steer, you're going to end up in places you don't want to be.
2. Just like pedestrians, ducks think they own the rights to the roadway and will pull out in front of you recklessly at any given moment. With no apparent regard for the fact that you are in a solid boat a foot off the water and they are in expendable mortal duck bodies. Quacks.
3. If you take someone with you, you should confirm that the person can actually drive/steer the boat safely before turning the wheel over to them. Refer to point number 1 for more information.
4. Boating is a great opportunity to work out some serious leg muscles and tan the tar out of them as well. Or burn like a frog in a boiling pot. #sunscreen.
5. There really is no way to stylishly style a lifejacket.

Ok, maybe 5 steps. But who knew there were multiple life lessons involved here??

     This boating trip is part of a PSP (Personal Summer Program) in which adults make summer fun happen (assuming of course that the non-mentioned-before summer job does not interfere with aforementioned activities and that aforementioned adults do not have non-mentioned-before children. Which may or may not completely destroy the carrying out of afore-mentioned fun summer fun program).  It is also well-adapted for teens, which I am not, but who may feel left out at the sole mention of "adult". Providing you don't have kids and an inflexible work schedule, who's to put an age limit on fun? (besides me, apparently.) Fine! A generic Personal Summer Program for any persons of any age. Except those under the age of 15, who must be accompanied by an adult. But it's not like the adult couldn't set it up for their kids like nice parents sometimes do but which mine never did (probably considering the fact that I was the child and it was my idea in the future which my parents would have no way of knowing unless of course they were time-travelers in a well-distinguished blue box. That could actually account for the weird noises at night coming from their room. Or maybe that was my dad's chronic snoring. Now that I think about it, they probably hid the Tardis in the attic where I would never ever think/dream/attempt to look. *suppresses a shiver*). I will elaborate on the PSP next time with an update on how well I am progressing on it/ how I am pretending to progress on it considering I am actually failing miserably on every aspect apart from actually doing the activities. :) But we're all secret-keeping friends here, aren't we?

To see our boating adventure and get a sneak peek behind the scenes when we accidentally sink the boat (not, but it was definitely a possibility), check out my video below and on YouTube.

Hat: Gifted | Top/Skirt: Thrifted | Sunnies/Flipflops: Old | Mint Scarf: Pick Your Plum

xoxo, Sara


  1. What a cool adventure! And I'm cracking up over this "I thought it would be fun to "YO-HO MATEYS!" other boaters... apparently not everyone was on deck with that."

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