Friday, May 15, 2015

Off To Summerland + Plum-Picking

Bonjour Beauties!

Today I am over the moon excited because (apart from being out of school and enjoying newfound freedom...) I just got in on one of my favorite deals over at Pick Your Plum!

So in case you aren't familiar with it yet, Pick Your Plum is a fabulous company that sells the products of many different vendors, including Etsy businesses. In fact, it's very easy to become a Plum vendor. This being said, there are tons of great products for sale, including clothes, crafts supplies, decor, etc. etc. And the best part of Pick Your Plum? Their grab boxes.

It's amazing how willing people are to invest their money in a completely random, unknown box of things. And yet here I am, every month, anxiously awaiting the news that grab boxes have arrived. I'm not the only one either. The second Pick Your Plum announces that grab boxes are up for grabs, your Internet suddenly becomes this sluggish goop that moves about as fast as a turtle with a limp. And three legs.

Is the stress and anxiety worth it, you may ask? Let's just say, I have almost cried in frustration when my cart informed me that someone took my Plum. It's that worth it. And they are a HUGE steal considering you are getting 4 or 5 items for $15 or $20 that would normally be worth like $10+  EACH!!!

Here is what I got in my last clothing grab box:

Grey Maxi Skirt:
White Lacy Tank Top:
Navy Blue Wide-Legged Pants: In the process of refashioning into a sailor suit
Grey Striped Cardi: Gifted to my baby sister
Black Striped Maxi Dress:
Plus, see what I got in my latest grab box!

And now you know my secret. I'm a major Plum-picker.

Top: Forever 21 | Skirt: Thrifted | Leggings: Old

xoxo, Sara

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