Friday, February 27, 2015

Be My Little Baby Bumblebee

       Be My Little Baby Bumblebee

Bonjour! It's been a whirlwind since Valentine's Day, but this week has been especially crazy. With a major assignment due every day and smaller assignments scattered throughout, it has been all I can do just to stay hygienically acceptable for public while making sure the work gets done.

One particular assignment I had to do was cultural research on my family genealogy. This turned out to be quite the event, involving a parent and grandparent and asking a lot of questions/ sorting through timelines. And what I found out was pretty interesting...

1. My family comes from a wide variety of European backgrounds, including England, Canada, and Ireland (as recently as the 1950s!) on one side and Germany, Switzerland, and Austria on the other (I am actually 4th generation German).
2. Many of my ancestors were teachers, preachers, farmers, or soldiers/captains. I must be following in the teacher trend, but none of the other occupations play out in direct or semi-direct relations.
3. My grandpa helped install the first ATMS in my hometown, and my great-grandma was a riveter (like Rosie the Riveter) during WWII.
4. We may have a Native American (Indian? Native North American?) line due to a possible marriage between a related Canadian trapper and a woman of a Canadian tribe.
5. One ancestor was the captain of a trading vessel who immigrated to Canada in the 1600s. A line would later immigrate from Canada to the U.S. in 1880.

Just having the confirmation that part of me was in Ireland (ok, a distant line of relatives, but still!) makes me want to break out the Celtic Thunder even more. And Irish Tenors. I've got a good excuse now, after all. :)

Isn't it fascinating how you can find out so much about the lives of people who are related to you, but who lived long ago in the past? What are your national roots?

Yellow Plaid Jacket/Dress/Purse/Shoes: Thrifted | Silver Chain Belt/ Silver Hairclip: Gifted | Sunglasses: Old
Wearable Heater: Imaginary. This was right before it snowed a few inches.

xoxo, Sara

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  1. Love this classy outfit and the barrette in your hair! It is pretty interesting to study the family history. On my Dad's side, everyone immigrated from the Netherlands around the year 1900. On my Mom's side, it's not nearly as easy to figure out where everyone came from, but a good chunk of her background is Irish, too!


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