Friday, September 12, 2014

WIW: A Beach-y Adventure


Every time I come upon one of these pictures, I think about how unfortunate it was that I got my ukulele AFTER I got back from the beach. I would have had way too much fun strumming Hawaiian tunes as the ocean washed over my bare, sand-covered feet. Anyway, I am currently enrolled in a music class which is the reason I am now the proud owner of a little pink ukulele currently named "Lulu" (which I thought was a quite fitting name. Lulu. Ukulele. UkuLulu.:) ) Honestly, it doesn't get any more cute than that.

The outfit I wore to the beach took a while for me to come up with. It is always a problem for modest ladies to visit the beach because you don't want to wear clothes, but at the same time you want to be modest (and not running around half-naked in a barely-there bikini). I decided to wear my one-piece swimsuit underneath this cover-up and just wear it into the water. It worked out pretty well, although it showed a little bit of knee, but I figure better a bit of knee than all of me. :) Plus, if any of you have tried buying a "modest swimsuit", you'll notice the prices run between $50 and $100- a price I am not easily willing to shell out just for a swimsuit I won't end up wearing that often. I would love to hear other ideas for beach-wear, because it can be a struggle trying to be modest AND comfortable at the same time!

Swimsuit: Walmart | Cover-up: Gifted | Sunnies: Old

xoxo, Sara

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