Monday, September 29, 2014

Royally Blue Part II


Isn't this location lovely? I've walked past it quite often, but have never stopped to fully pay it any attention. It is on the southern part of campus at the University of Illinois, which is right down the street from my home college. It almost looks like spring again with all of the beautiful flowers!

I am really enjoying my current classes so far, but I would have to say that art and music are my favorites. We are going to learn the ukulele pretty soon and I can't wait to share mine on the blog! (It's an ah-dorable shade of pink and matches my flute and about half of my wardrobe :) ) It turns out I have an obsession for pink instruments.

As in the last post, this dress is from eShakti and I love love love it. If you haven't checked them out yet you should mosey on over- there are so many lovely fashions for any size and any style. You can find the links to eShakti's social media sites here- give them a follow when you get a chance!

xoxo, Sara


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