Thursday, July 24, 2014

Ruby Red Was Her Color

 Bonjour Lady Bloggers!

After a long battle with Political Science, I have finally won the grade I needed and just in the nick of time. You never question your high school diploma until you have been through the frying pan experience of that one class that you just cannot seem to get a good grade in, no matter how hard you study. But victory! I passed it and now I am just trying to put the whole experience out of my memory.

I am really hoping to share some DIYs in the future, as I have finally created a workable working area for myself after- what- five or so years of needing one but not making one? In high school I never studied in my room, so I guess my brain tricked me into thinking it wasn't necessary ever. Bad brain. It's funny how fast it changes track when it bumps its way over milestones at what seems like 80 miles an hour.

Looking forward to being more active in the Blogosphere!

Top/ Skirt: Thrifted | Belt: Gifted | Cardi: ReVamped Shrit | Hair Flower: Glitter

xoxo, Sara