Saturday, April 26, 2014

Girls Just Want To Have Fun

 Bonjour! The past couple of days have been so beautiful compared to usual, so yesterday we decided to take advantage of it with a little football practice. At the last minute, I grabbed my camera, not really expecting to use it. And then the above happened. It started with a couple pictures, then suddenly we started accruing all these amusing action shots. And here we are now. :)

I haven't really had much of a chance to share my not-so-serious side, aka the somewhat-sporty side, so here are 10 things about me that may surprise you:
1. I like to play football. In my last years in grade school, I became quite good at receiving the ball, but am just now developing an arm for throwing. 
2. I like to play softball, though I am not particularly good at it :)
3. I am not an excessively fast runner, but when placed in a kinesiology class where tag is a norm, it turned out that I am quite skilled at evading the tagger and catching the taggees. 
4. I am scared of soccer balls. However, I enjoy playing when there is a minimal risk of injury.
5. I have been told that I look like a pole when I'm running (due to my permanently good posture).
6. I cannot run  long distances without thinking I'm dying at the end of it, however it has not stopped me from fantasizing about running in the annual state marathon.
7. I don't like walking long distances either.
8. Biking is my favorite mode of transport, as I often ride to class from certain bus stops. I have once ridden from my house to class, which was about 3 miles. I had trouble sitting on any surface that wasn't flat for a week.
9. I usually run at the campus track once a week for about 30 minutes, but it is really the only organized workout that I take part in :)
10. My enjoyment of sports is stronger than my ability. :P

I hope that wasn't too boring to read through- me and sports have a very odd relationship. O.o
What sports do you like play/ are good at?

xoxo, Sara

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