Saturday, March 15, 2014

My Street-Style (O.o)

 Bonjour! I thought today would be a good time to go beyond the usual WIW posts. I wanted to get an official picture of myself in front of my new college, though I realized afterward that I did it in what I refer to as my "grunge" outfit. That's right folks, this is what I look like on a regular day when I'm not student teaching or dressing up. Sigh.
 On Fridays (these were taken yesterday), I have a Kinesiology class which teaches us how to teach P.E. Thus, I have to wear tennis shoes and comfortable clothes that can be stretched and run ragged while we do our activities. I don't particularly like wearing leggings, because a lot of people use them like pants, but I'm also not going to compromise my femininity by wearing something besides a skirt in this class. See? Modesty can always prevail in the end!
I have never had so much fun in a college class before. I mean, sure, we're graded on how well we can teach games and activities, but even so, what class lets you run around a gym, play tag with a group of other girls  in Education, and get in a good workout just by attending??  I wish I could take this every semester!!

From one lady to another, modesty does not always have to be compromised and tag in college is underrated. :)

xoxo, Sara

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