Saturday, March 29, 2014

Brambles and Buds Part II

Bonjour!  As the second installation of Briars and Buds, I bring you even more stickers and tall grass from one of my favorite locations. Honestly, it's so hard to enjoy spring break knowing it only lasts one week, but I was such a happy breaker getting to sleep in every day. Maybe it's sad being happy to be lazy, but who doesn't love sleeping in?

It's going to be cuh-razzzy around here in a couple weeks, with my 20th birthday, a concert, a college field trip, the start of an 18-week brain study participation (how cool is that!!!), and my final time teaching in Kinesiology class. I can't wait to see it all blows over! Hopefully I can share everything as it happens.

Until next time, Sara

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  1. Love this outfit! Very cute! :)


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