Friday, February 21, 2014

Fashion Friday: What Are Your Best Colors?

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Bonjour! Today marks the end of the week and our first Fashion Friday.

Fashion Q. of the day: What colors do I look best in?

This is an issue that probably 99% of women are faced with. Say you really like the color pink, but it just doesn't look right on you. Or maybe you want to rock an LBD, but black really isn't your color. Is this something that only you see, or do others think certain colors look better on you? 

It turns out that there is a method to tell what colors you rock (:D) and what colors rock you (D:). It is called the Four Season Method, and by finding your true colors, you can bring out your eyes, your skin color, and your personality. Below is a chart that lists the physical attributes of each season. For example, to find my season I would look for the hair type that lists brown (Spring and Fall), and then I would narrow it down further by looking for fair to olive skin tone and brown eyes, which singles the choices down to Fall. Therefore, I am a Fall type (although I might be able to get away with Spring on occasion, since my hair and eyes match both Fall and Spring elements).

Now that we have our seasons figured out, let's see what colors suit us best and what colors we should avoid.

Remember, just because the chart says to avoid certain colors doesn't mean that you can't wear what you want. Since I am a Fall, I should technically avoid pinks. However, much of my closet consists of pink clothing and MY FAVORITE COLOR IS STINKING PINK. So obviously I'm not going to throw out half of my closet on the account of a little chart :) .

Now that you have an idea of what colors work best with your physical attributes, you can experiment with them and look for a change in your appearance. Some of them may strongly bring out your natural colors and some may not. It's up to you to decide.

Until next time, au revoir!

xoxo, Sara (a member of the Fabulous Fall-ers) ;)


  1. I also got fall, which is ironic, because I've always liked the way that brown looks on me. Thanks for this! I'm definitely going to be remembering this :)

    Molly Marie

  2. Oh yes! I've heard of the chart to help you define which colors really "sing" on you. A very helpful tool... =)
    Those two pictures are very pretty! I love fall...<3

    Thanks for stopping by my blog, I'm glad you enjoyed the autumn colors I had recently photographed! =D



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