Friday, February 28, 2014

Fashion Friday: Go-To Wardrobe

post signature So you may have noticed the social media buttons in the sidebar... I FINALLY got around to making an FB page for the Ladyhood. To check it out, click The Ladyhood. 
I hope to have some posts on there shortly!

Today's Fashion Friday Question: What is your go-to piece in your wardrobe? Mine is my bubble vest (thrifted). :)

Friday, February 21, 2014

Fashion Friday: What Are Your Best Colors?

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Bonjour! Today marks the end of the week and our first Fashion Friday.

Fashion Q. of the day: What colors do I look best in?

This is an issue that probably 99% of women are faced with. Say you really like the color pink, but it just doesn't look right on you. Or maybe you want to rock an LBD, but black really isn't your color. Is this something that only you see, or do others think certain colors look better on you? 

It turns out that there is a method to tell what colors you rock (:D) and what colors rock you (D:). It is called the Four Season Method, and by finding your true colors, you can bring out your eyes, your skin color, and your personality. Below is a chart that lists the physical attributes of each season. For example, to find my season I would look for the hair type that lists brown (Spring and Fall), and then I would narrow it down further by looking for fair to olive skin tone and brown eyes, which singles the choices down to Fall. Therefore, I am a Fall type (although I might be able to get away with Spring on occasion, since my hair and eyes match both Fall and Spring elements).

Now that we have our seasons figured out, let's see what colors suit us best and what colors we should avoid.

Remember, just because the chart says to avoid certain colors doesn't mean that you can't wear what you want. Since I am a Fall, I should technically avoid pinks. However, much of my closet consists of pink clothing and MY FAVORITE COLOR IS STINKING PINK. So obviously I'm not going to throw out half of my closet on the account of a little chart :) .

Now that you have an idea of what colors work best with your physical attributes, you can experiment with them and look for a change in your appearance. Some of them may strongly bring out your natural colors and some may not. It's up to you to decide.

Until next time, au revoir!

xoxo, Sara (a member of the Fabulous Fall-ers) ;)

Friday, February 14, 2014

Scalloped Lace and Chocolate Stars

post signatureHappy Valentine's Day! I hope love is making its way to you in some form (chocolate is my preferred).

 I saw this mug at Walmart and loved it. Guess what I ended up getting for Valentine's Day?

 This is why you avoiding sitting in snow if at all possible ^

So today I had a bag of chocolates, and I decided to celebrate Valentine's Day by handing it out. The first victim-- I mean, person-- graciously accepted a couple pieces, and then more later when I wasn't looking. The second person I offered candy to was sitting in the seat in front of my sister and I on the bus. He first asked me if it was poison, then cautiously took a couple and even more cautiously ate them. Now I am wondering just how a tiny, innocent-looking person like me could be mistaken for an evil-poisoned-chocolate-hander-outer. As if that guy wasn't suspicous of me enough, the third person I offered it to just looked at me and said, "Sorry. Random stranger." Because my sister and I had been talking about why people wouldn't except chocolate from random people right beside him before I offered it. The last guy was very appreciative and said, "Thank you! I forgot it was Valentine's Day." I noticed that the guy before this guy quite quickly walked away from my sister and I during this. But hey, I got three out of four people to take chocolate from me. Suspicious little me or not, chocolate is anyone's friend. :)

 Beginning next week, I will be doing Fashion Fridays, which will highlight a fashion tip worthy of sharing that comes from a fascinating book I found at the I.D.E.A. Store. Because we all have days where we wish we had a personal fashion advisor in our closet. Or at least I do. :)

Scalloped Lace Sweater| Peasant Top| Neon Skirt: Thrifted, Belt: Old

And why yes, yes I did crochet those hearts. Unfortunately, I am an amateur crochet-er and don't have the skills to share a pattern of it. However, if you are interested in making these you can most likely find a pattern online somewhere. :)

xoxo, Sara

May the chocolate be ever in your favor.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

January Snapshots

 Bonjour! It's been a SUPER busy month (more excuses,right?), but here are some little things that stood out in January.

 First, the plunging temperatures that gripped the area and froze the snow cold in its tracks (my attempt at a pun). For some reason, my sister and I decided to go out and capture the beautiful sunset when it was below 0 outside. And I was stupid enough to go out with only shoes and boots on my lower legs (I advise not trying this at home). But it may have well been worth it when we saw the results. :)

 Second, after weeks of dealing with someone's vulgar graffiti on the rock in our yard, I finally got around to covering it up. And I think the neighborhood likes this graffiti better.

 Third, I got on my Valentine's Day wagon and started decorating already. In January. Above is the result of a pleasant Sunday afternoon with watercolors and a little inspiration. (I didn't notice until a week later that the splattering I had done on this had somehow reached my curtains. Oh well. At least they have a little more life in them now ;) ).

 Finally, the snowstorm that hit after the last outfit post left a beautiful white covering over the landscape, but unfortunately these were the best pics I got, considering I wasn't about to put myself outside of the front door unless ABSOLUTELY necessary. My solar-powered monkey seemed to enjoy the scenery too. :)

Until next time, which is likely to be after we are hit with yet another crazy snowstorm, and I am trapped inside with nothing else to do besides homework and blogging. May the best one win, as the unfortunate reality seems to be. I really should work on my procrastinating.

xoxo, Sara