Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Cape Carnation


That was quite a storm that went through here! Fortunately the house is still standing, and just as soon as the temps are decent, there's going to be some major snowman-building going on. It's just a tradition. :)

I found this cape (most people call it a poncho, but it's called a cape. I have to kick myself not to correct them :)) in a mail-order catalogue last Christmas. It is double-sided and has a huge hood and is just so fabulously pink that I couldn't resist it. I've even had a male TA ask what it was and where I got something like that. Then he questioned me when I said I got it from a mail-order catalogue, and pretty soon the history discussion class began discussing the history of mail-order catalogues... Unfortunately, it is not overly warm and does not wear well with a backpack, as there are no sleeves. But all in all, it's my favorite coat substitute.

Anyway, I am in the process of beating the beans out of my little sister on Wii Monkeyball. Until next time!

Cape: Lakeside Collections | Scarf/Gloves: Gifted | Boots: Old | Bow: Handmade

xoxo, Sara

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  1. Ooh, I prefer the word "cape" over "poncho" too. And I L O V E the last picture. It's so pretty. :)


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