Friday, December 6, 2013

The Last Rose of Summer--I mean-- Fall

post signatureHello hello! It's that lovely time of year where finals wipe out any Christmas spirit and good cheer you had begun to grow previously. Well, not all of it. I just participated in an Elfster Gift Exchange and loved the gift my partner made me. Let's just say, Paris is my weakpoint. Also I had to go through and deep-clean my room in one night-- I was up 'til 3 AM cleaning. And then I hallucinated once or twice before I actually got to sleep. Not fun.
Anyway, I just want to take a moment to talk about an issue I have recently experienced. As I've previously mentioned, I go to a secular university. This week I again got to experience what that means, as one occasionally does. While talking about gender roles in friendship, the instructor said that "unfortunately" society today put an emphasis on gender, meaning that apparently it is wrong to have a set distinction between males and females, and the differences that go along with that distinction. Frankly, I was appalled. Where would our society be if we had no distinct genders? Some people believe that people put too much emphasis on what it means to be a woman, because it always implies inferiority. I don't believe this for a second. Men and women both have a special place in society, which God ordained when creating Adam and Eve. Just because women are perhaps smaller, daintier, more emotional, and require more protection, does NOT mean that we are in any case weaker. I believe our place in society is to serve men as wives and mothers, and it is the duty of men to do the same for us as husbands and fathers. Neither gender could exist without the other.
  Today, women wear pants, they cut their hair short, and they try to be like men in almost every aspect. Likewise, men are showing the same disturbing change. More men are becoming "feminized", and personally I just find it so depressing. We, as men and women, are here for distinct purposes which relate to our gender. We can't control it, and we shouldn't try to. Let us be the men and women God intended, with women showing what it means to be a true lady and men showing what it means to be a true man. Chivalry and Ladyhood must never die.

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xoxo, Lady S.

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