Wednesday, December 25, 2013

DIY MIni Notebook

Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!!!

Finally finally I am on Christmas break after my third semester at the University. I've been wanting to share some DIY's etc. for quite a while now, but the whole guilt trip about studying for finals always got in my way. -_- But hark! Today I am sharing my DIY mini notebook. Usually it makes a good gift, but considering today is Christmas... it's a bit slow on the draw there. But better late than never, right? Also please forgive the lighting. I blame my curtains.

 1. Cut two pieces of thick cardboard to equal widths and lengths. Also cut a strip of cardboard the same length as the cover pieces, but about 1/2 an inch wide. This will be the spine.

 2. Cut about 10 pieces of paper to a slightly smaller length and width so that they will fit inside the notebook when folded.
 3. Poke three holes in a straight line down the middle of the stacked paper. Try to make the holes large enough for a string to fit through.
 4. Wrap a piece of wire around a piece of string to help navigate it through the holes. Both ends should come out on one side of the stack, as shown above.
 5. This is how the notebook will be bound to the spine.
6. Remove the wire and tie a secure knot in the ends of the string.
 7. Now, if the material you want to use for the cover and back is a bit sheer, you can glue a piece of paper to the cardboard front. After that, cut a smallish oval and glue to the front. I put mine in the bottom right corner.
 8. Cut the material to be about an inch or so more in length and width than the cardboard pieces.
 9. Glue to both pieces of cardboard and spine. The material should be glued to the front piece of the cover where the oval is.
 10. Secure the edges of the material down on the insides of the pieces. I used fabric glue for this part.
 11. Now poke two holes in the inside of the spine at the opposite ends.Thread the string through the paper stack ends and through the spine, pulling the paper stack tight to the spine.
12. The string should come out through the spine and material and be knotted, as above.

You can add a personal touch by drawing an initial or symbol on the oval.
This little notebook makes for a good diary, place for thoughts, or grocery lists, and will fit in purses or pockets.


xoxo, Sara

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