Saturday, November 2, 2013

Halloween in the Fabulous Fifties

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Happy (Belated) Halloween! I know I have been very bad about posting lately, but it's gotten pretty hectic. However I am resolving to be more regular!

Anyway, yesterday I dressed up for my classes as a '50s girl, which just happens to my most favorite time period (besides the Roaring Twenties). Soda shoppes, jukeboxes, poodle skirts, etc. etc. Apparently some people aren't quite caught up in historical culture, because I was mistaken for a character of "Grease", which I have never even seen.

Because we are much too old for trick-or-treating, we decided to eat at a close-to-authentic (if not authentic) '50s-ish restaurant- Steak'n'Shake. They just need a jukebox ;). After that, we visited some friends and then took sugar-free candy to the local nursing home to pass out to residents (second-to-last picture). Although a lot of people would probably find visiting a nursing home as a young adult to be odd and completely boring, it really makes a person feel good to be able to spread happiness to people who don't get very many visitors.

You never know what you can do to spread a little love around. <3

From one lady to another, when you try to do good for others, it may just come back to you.

xoxo, Sara.

Poodle skirts made by my sew-savvy mother (like 2 or 3 years ago, but hey, if it fits, it ships). Isis' skirt: Made by me (surprisingly enough).

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