Monday, November 25, 2013

The Cat's Meow *DIY* Kitty Paw Gloves

 A fun way to dress up some old boring gloves.
 I used pink puffy fabric paint and "Glittering Crystals" puffy paint for the paw prints.
 It's best to put something like a piece of cardboard inside the glove so that the paint doesn't glue the insides of the glove together.

 They will probably need about two coats of paint for a fuller effect.
 Voila! A brand new pair of gloves with some serious cattitude.    =^. _ .^=

Gloves: Old, Fabric Paint: Craft Store (or Walmart).


Saturday, November 16, 2013

Once Upon a Time

Bonjour! I promise (bold and underlined) I'm going to start doing better about posting. Like seriously. After all, the Christmas season is nearly here!!!! I'm going to start working on some winter/Christmas DIY projects as well, so stay tuned. It will be there.
As for school, it is slowly starting to wind down. It's really difficult getting used to classes, and even -dare I say it- getting to love some of those classes, only to leave them in the Spring for a new batch. I especially love my Crop Sciences class (I know, my major has nothing to do with crop sciences. It was a bit of a fluke, actually). The professor is the funniest guy I have ever encountered at the University. Especially given he likes roaming up to the top of the classroom where people his age really probably shouldn't venture (honestly, last class he had to jump over a chair to get to the other aisle O_o). But it's great. 
Once upon a time (last week) we went to the woods to get a final look at Fall before the winter chills set in. It was beautiful. The colors were the most vibrant they are all year, and it's sad that they are all floating away to allow for the onset of winter. It was like the woods were on fire with a gorgeous autumn glow. Definitely going to miss it. But at least during this period... Christmas preparations will be in full swing :) :) :)

Outfit: Old (assuming most of the pieces where gifted at different points in time)

xoxo, Sara

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Halloween in the Fabulous Fifties

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Happy (Belated) Halloween! I know I have been very bad about posting lately, but it's gotten pretty hectic. However I am resolving to be more regular!

Anyway, yesterday I dressed up for my classes as a '50s girl, which just happens to my most favorite time period (besides the Roaring Twenties). Soda shoppes, jukeboxes, poodle skirts, etc. etc. Apparently some people aren't quite caught up in historical culture, because I was mistaken for a character of "Grease", which I have never even seen.

Because we are much too old for trick-or-treating, we decided to eat at a close-to-authentic (if not authentic) '50s-ish restaurant- Steak'n'Shake. They just need a jukebox ;). After that, we visited some friends and then took sugar-free candy to the local nursing home to pass out to residents (second-to-last picture). Although a lot of people would probably find visiting a nursing home as a young adult to be odd and completely boring, it really makes a person feel good to be able to spread happiness to people who don't get very many visitors.

You never know what you can do to spread a little love around. <3

From one lady to another, when you try to do good for others, it may just come back to you.

xoxo, Sara.

Poodle skirts made by my sew-savvy mother (like 2 or 3 years ago, but hey, if it fits, it ships). Isis' skirt: Made by me (surprisingly enough).