Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Falling For Fabulous Fall

 Happy happy fall to you! I am SO excited because fall is one of my very favorite seasons. The goldening of beautifully colored leaves, the smell of pumpkins, the harvesting of crops, the autumnal breeze in the air, the campfires, the ghost stories, the s'mores, Halloween. It makes me ridiculously happy just thinking about it.

It's so beautiful on campus that I could just sit on the south quad and stare for hours. And the squirrels are really cute to watch, with their playful scampering and fearless curiosity. Let me tell you, those campus squirrels are BOLD. They're notorious for trying to jump on people waiting at certain bus stops. It's especially funny watching the people leap away from the bench like their pants are on fire. :)

So mustard is probably my favorite fall color to wear. It's completely true to the season, but also works for other seasons too. Deep red and navy blue are also favorites of mine. I can't wait to start breaking out the fall wardrobe!!

xoxo, Sara

Top/Belt/Skirt: Thrifted, Jacket: Gift

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