Friday, September 27, 2013

Polka Dots and Pine Trees

 So in case you haven't heard, there's a drought occurring in Illinois currently, meaning it is dry (enter browning crops), warm (enter short sleeves and flip-flops), and... there is little rainfall (no entry for rainboots and umbrellas :( ).  But what I just learned (which kind of bothers me because I've been living in Illinois for nearly 2 decades and just NOW found this out) was that Illinois, Indiana, and Iowa (or was it Ohio?) wasn't even really prairielands long ago. No, instead the cornbelt was wetlands. Swamps, marshes, and lots of nasty diseases and icky swamp animals/ insects. Does this sound like Illinois? Not to me it doesn't. But colonists decided to drain the swamps in order to make way for crops and gardens, and did this by means of clay tiles (and today, long pipes). Which means bye-bye icky-gloppy land and hello nice, dry prairie grasses. In a way, it's kind of disappointing that the true, native Illinois is no longer around, but it's also good because who really wants to live in a swamp?

 I really love living here though. Today I walked all the way home from campus (which is a long way considering I live about 20 minutes off-campus as the car drives), and there was something so gratifying to walk all through town seeing buildings, houses, people, building, houses, people, and then get to the very eastern edge of town, turn a corner, and BAM. Beautiful sky and grass and cornfields as far as the eye can see. So few buildings and houses and people and just so much nature. Feeling the wind blow softly across the fields, hearing the distant birds calling to each other, and watching puffy clouds float lazily through the sky means so much more to me than an iphone does to other people. Being a city girl has its perks, but I wouldn't give up anything for the country girl in me.

xoxo, Sara

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Falling For Fabulous Fall

 Happy happy fall to you! I am SO excited because fall is one of my very favorite seasons. The goldening of beautifully colored leaves, the smell of pumpkins, the harvesting of crops, the autumnal breeze in the air, the campfires, the ghost stories, the s'mores, Halloween. It makes me ridiculously happy just thinking about it.

It's so beautiful on campus that I could just sit on the south quad and stare for hours. And the squirrels are really cute to watch, with their playful scampering and fearless curiosity. Let me tell you, those campus squirrels are BOLD. They're notorious for trying to jump on people waiting at certain bus stops. It's especially funny watching the people leap away from the bench like their pants are on fire. :)

So mustard is probably my favorite fall color to wear. It's completely true to the season, but also works for other seasons too. Deep red and navy blue are also favorites of mine. I can't wait to start breaking out the fall wardrobe!!

xoxo, Sara

Top/Belt/Skirt: Thrifted, Jacket: Gift

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Winged and Classy

 Happy weekend! Here at the Ladyhood we do not support polka dots, as you may have noticed from all of the outfits without polka dots in them. I mean, really, who likes dots anyway?! Obviously not me. I definitely do NOT have an obsession with polka dots. (You believe me, right?)

Ok, so there's a bit of a story behind these pictures. First of all, we had to go to Macy's to find a suit for my business-studying sister for the career fair. Basically, my other sister Samantha and I got dragged along to "help". So we were looking around at all of these super-expensive suit jackets and skirts (Samantha and I laughing at Macy's version of "Clearance"), when finally Ms. Fancy-Schmancy Business Major finds a couple of pieces to try on. I followed her into the dressing room just to make sure that I didn't look like a frumpy-looks-like-a-possible-shoplifter type. While in there, I found a rather large dressing room for handicapped people. I think it was as big as Samantha's bedroom (why is there a dressing room this big?!). Anyway, I coaxed Samantha into coming to look at it, and that's when the improvised (and completely random) photo shoot occurred. Fortunately, the dressing rooms were completely isolated, so we were able to do it quick before anybody walked in on us. 
When we were finally done, we walked out to find that the rest of our party was gone. And not in sight at all. At closing time. In a huge department store. So we wandered around a little bit, not really panicking until we hear the "We are now closing. Please bring your purchases to the counter for check-out" announcement. Then the frantic, awkward half-running and half-walking commences, and we caught sight of them twice and lost them twice. Finally, we decided to just go outside and wait for them by the car. On the way out, we run into an old friend who apparently works there. It took about 10 minutes before they finally came out with Ms. Business's $100+ suit. All I can say is, I'm glad I'm not going into business school.

Top: Walmart, Skirt: Thrifted, Clip: Glitter

xoxo, Sara

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Wear It Wild

 Happy weekend! 
I must say, it's been a crazy week. A couple days ago my sister pulled a quadracep, and is now confined to crutches- while going to classes which traverse a large campus. I surprised her after her business class by showing up to escort her to her next class, which she found suspicious and, quite frankly, creepy, but I think she secretly enjoyed it. Secretly. 

Also I have started my assistant teacher volunteering opportunity, and I am quite enjoying it. I had a lot of fun going to the Education Department in the university library to find books on early civilizations to share with the class (it's elementary). On Monday I am supposed to take the lead for fifteen minutes, and I have a prepared a powerpoint which I personally am quite impressed with, although knowing elementary students, it won't be appreciated as much as I would like. Oh well. As long as they learn something from it, I shall be satisfied. Probably as much fun as teaching is getting to dress up, teacher-style. I've been breaking out the scarves and sweaters like crazy, and I absolutely love finding teacher-outfit inspiration (or "pinspiration") on Pinterest. You can find some of my favorite outfits on my board "Fashion Passion" at 

Until next time, au revoir! 

Top: Thrifted, Skirt: Walmart, Belt: From another top, Clutch: Gift, Headband: Made by the fabulous Mariel at

xoxo, Sara

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Just a Beautiful Day in the Country

 Even though I live near Illinois countryside, I don't see very many hay bales around. But maybe it's the inner country girl in me that gets a thrill whenever I actually do see one. It was a gorgeous blue-sky and green-grass day today, and I couldn't resist the blue and white striped top that matched so perfectly with the great outdoors (it also made me want to run for the ocean, but unfortunately the closest ocean-ish body of water is the nearest Great Lake. :( )

 It's a beautiful day. Why not enjoy it? :)

Happy weekend.

xoxo, Sara

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