Wednesday, August 28, 2013

To School and Back

post signatureThe first day of school has come and gone. It was definitely a new experience having my little sister there with me on campus, being by myself for a year. Somehow I just can't fathom why she finds the bus rides so enjoyable while I just stand there like "Yeah yeah yeah. I've done this too many times for it to be fun anymore". I guess it would have been a prudent idea to remind her to hold on when the bus started moving so she wouldn't fall into the dashingly cute college student behind her, but in hindsight I feel that he probably enjoyed the attention anyway. I know I enjoyed his. Anyway...

I have decided that college math might be redeemable after all, though I should probably wait until the final grades are in to make a decent judgment. They seem more like brainteasers than actual math problems, but I think for now they are doable. As for Literature, I must say I have never felt more challenged as a Christian than I have in this class. Here they list the Genesis Creation as one of the "creation myths" which I find to be an outright attack on my faith and on Truth. They also describe the "Christian Easter services and rituals" as just another run-of-the-mill cultural explanations of the changing seasons. What is wrong with these people? They actually implicate in the text that literature as written by man both in ancient and modern times is superior to religion, which they imply to be multi-faceted and naive. I believe I might just have to complain about this to the professor. What nerve they have, thinking they can brainwash students into believing such utter stupidity. No matter what the world says to try to diminish the faith, the truth will set us free in the end, and all will meet the Maker, whether they believe in Him or not.

From one lady to another, it will be worth it all.

Top: Borrowed from sister, Skirt: Gift, Shoes: Walmart (?), Belt: Borrowed from a top, Tie: Recycled ribbon

xoxo, Lady S.

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  1. You could not wear a more perfect outfit for school! This is so perfectly collegiate it's wonderful <3 I love everything from head to toe! x


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