Thursday, August 1, 2013

DIY Anchor Tote

 Make any sailor proud with a Do-It-Yourself Anchor Tote Bag. Whether you're getting your feet wet for the first time or are a seasoned DIY salt, this bag is a walk-on-the-beach to make!

 First I drew the anchor outline onto the bag with white fabric paint. Using a template probably would have been better, but I always feel like that's cheating on it. Crazy, right?
 Next, I filled in the anchor with both white and pink fabric paint, evenly striping the anchor.
 Using a blue permanent fabric marker, I drew on the rope, forming the end into a heart shape.

 I decided to add a personal touch, so I monogrammed it with an "S" stamp (although there is some controversy over whether or not it actually is an "S". But for all intents and purposes, I hereby declare it "S").
 I added dimension to the anchor by outlining in black some of the edges and angles.

 I also added dimension to the "S" with a pink fabric marker.

 At the last minute I thought I would tag it with one of my favorite stamps (which I got, along with the "S", at Michael's for $1.50 each).
 And voila! Not only was it a breeze to make, but it was also a boatload of fun!

Bag: Walmart (comes in a pack of three)

From one landlubbing lady to another, there's nothing better than finishing off the summer with a nautical flair!

xoxo, Lady S.

P.S. I wonder if I should start making templates for these things...

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