Saturday, August 24, 2013

Back-To-School Excitement and The "Ultimate Uniform"

post signatureToday is the last day of freedom. For on the dawn of the next week, school will start and all sweet summer goodness will have come to an end.  How one doth pine for the days of freedom and laziness!!

However, shopping for the new school year always raises my spirits. Who doesn't love creating new outfits and making new friends? This outfit is an easy go-to school special. I found the top last fall thrifting and just thought it would make the perfect back-to-school piece. Having graduated from a school that thrived on school uniforms, it's really fun to be able to create my own "school uniform" at the university.

The Ultimate Uniform
(created on Polyvore)

In the excitement of things, I couldn't help putting together my dream of the ultimate uniform. I can't stop falling in love with the sweater in the middle. I think I would probably die if I saw that in a store.

From one schoolgirl-at-heart lady to another, sometimes you just can't resist the BTS craziness.

Top/Skirt: Thrifted, Belt: Icing, Sunnies: Save-A-Lot, Flip-flops: Walmart

xoxo, Lady S.

P.S. What's your go-to school gear?


  1. I am trying to convince my mother to take me to the store for some new clothes before school starts this week. Your back to school outfit is cute, especially top with the plaid and puffed sleeves.

    Those school uniforms are also lovely. Plaid is one of my favorite patterns, and all three of them have plaid.

    Since I'm to supposed to be with younger kids most of the time, it might be uncomfortable for me to keep up with kids in the heels, but the floral print on them is lovely. I also like the boots. Boot+Plaid=Awesome. :-)


  2. Thanks! And I completely agree about the boots and plaid. Whenever school starts I get into a plaid phase and only come out when I run out of plaid clothes. I definitely recommend thrifting for new school clothes, because then you can get more for your money and there is always a large variety of types of clothes to choose from. Plus it is often the only way to find modest pieces for outfits. :)


Thank you for a lovely comment.