Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Tie-DIY Anchor Tee (Part 2)

 I finally finished the Anchor tee! Here's what I did:
 In order to strengthen the effect of the stripes, I used strips of cardboard to cover up the negative stripes, or the stripes that would remain lighter, and used fabric spray paint to darken the positive stripes.
 I used a paintbrush to help the spurts blend together. A few times I ran out of the spray paint, but was able to concoct my own with 1 part blue fabric paint and 2 parts water.
 I painted each stripe until I got to the top, and for the sleeves I positioned the cardboard so that it was parallel with the angle of the sleeves to make sure the stripes would look right.
 I did not put cardboard inside the shirt since I wanted the paint to go through to the back. I sprayed the back stripes so that they were even with the front stripes.

 For the anchor, I drew over the stripes (after they had dried for 4 hours) with a permanent fabric marker free-handed. I used a straight-edge on the longer lines.

 Next, I painted the anchor with white fabric paint, being careful not to cover up the black lines. Sparkly silver paint gives the anchor a glamorous sheen and catches the eye.

 Once the shirt gets its final recommended wash, it will be all ready to hit the sunny Florida beaches!
From one lady to another, there's nothing better than a new shirt and a great feeling of accomplishment. :)

Shirt: Michael's

xoxo, Lady S.

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