Saturday, June 29, 2013

Doggy Dress Up

Remember how I said that the best accessory sometimes comes with four legs? Meet Isis, part bichon-frise, part poodle, and all adorable. Yesterday I decided to put a plaid doll skirt, a pink collar, and a hot pink flower on her and take her out with me downtown. We stopped by McDonald's on the way home, and once we got to the drive-thru, Isis was standing up trying to get a lick of the cashier at the window. Said cashier told Isis she was the cutest dog she'd ever seen come through the drive-thru. :) Sometimes when we go on a walk through the neighborhood (and if it's not super-scorching out) I will dress her up a little. Ok, fine. I go all out. But believe me, she absolutely adores getting dressed up. She likes to show all the neighborhood dogs her sizzlin' style, and we always get a remark or two from the humans that see her too. Note-to-self: Find matching outfits for dog and human. ;)

From one doggy-dressing lady to another, does that skirt make her look fat? :D

Skirt: American Girl (well, I'm not going to go dress up dolls in it anymore), Flower: Claire's, Collar: Walmart

xoxo, Lady S.

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  1. Aw, how cute and fun to dress up your dog!

    Thank you for following me, Lady S.! It means a lot :)


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