Saturday, June 29, 2013

Doggy Dress Up

Remember how I said that the best accessory sometimes comes with four legs? Meet Isis, part bichon-frise, part poodle, and all adorable. Yesterday I decided to put a plaid doll skirt, a pink collar, and a hot pink flower on her and take her out with me downtown. We stopped by McDonald's on the way home, and once we got to the drive-thru, Isis was standing up trying to get a lick of the cashier at the window. Said cashier told Isis she was the cutest dog she'd ever seen come through the drive-thru. :) Sometimes when we go on a walk through the neighborhood (and if it's not super-scorching out) I will dress her up a little. Ok, fine. I go all out. But believe me, she absolutely adores getting dressed up. She likes to show all the neighborhood dogs her sizzlin' style, and we always get a remark or two from the humans that see her too. Note-to-self: Find matching outfits for dog and human. ;)

From one doggy-dressing lady to another, does that skirt make her look fat? :D

Skirt: American Girl (well, I'm not going to go dress up dolls in it anymore), Flower: Claire's, Collar: Walmart

xoxo, Lady S.

Friday, June 28, 2013

Style, Eccentric Style

I must say, normally I don't approve of the some of the things my sister wears. Her style is one that I have a little bit of trouble accepting, as not all of the things she wears match. But this outfit, I have to say, is one of my absolute favorites. And I was peachy-keen that the lawn chair matched the sweater. :)

From one lady to another, just remember: style would not exist if everyone had the same tastes in clothing.

Cardi: Thrifted, Top: Walmart, Skirt: Refabbed from Walmart, Headband: Unknown, Tennies: Walmart

xoxo, Lady S.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

One Dollar Delirium

post signatureSo you know that feeling you get when you're shopping and you find the perfect accessory? And then you look at the price tag and nearly choke to death wondering how such a tiny thing could cost so humanly much? It's a common experience these days. Until you find that perfect store at the mall where practically everything is $1.  Then you want to pull out your happy dance and scrub the store floor with it, you're so excited. And then you go and buy everything that your wallet can handle and feel this perfect sense of accomplishment, just like I did when I discovered Glitter, the perfect store. As you can see from the items above, this place has good quality accessories for an even better quantity of money. $1 each. It just doesn't get any better than that. Except for, say, a gumball machine chock full of eye-candy for only a quarter. Now THAT would be something. They should start marketing those. My wallet tingles just thinking about the possibilities.

From one cheapskate lady to another, quality $1 boutiques really do exist!!!

Flowers, clip, and leopard scrunchy-tie (is there a name for this thing?!)-Glitter, $1 (!!!)

xoxo, Lady S.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Seeing Stripes and Sketchy Thrifting

I'm not usually a stripe person, but ever since I found an article that told me that people my size should wear more stripes and less dots... yeah, I'm gonna start hunting for stripes. Because after all, what woman wants to look shorter than her age? Not this one. I've come to accept that I haven't hit my growth spurt (and probably never will at this point), but hey, you find some tips to look taller, and who isn't going to pay just a teensy bit of attention? And I really like this top. The story behind getting it, well, is another story.

It all  started in a little town which is now affectionately known by my sisters and I as "Wat-sketch-ka". The   youngest goes to braces appointments there, and my other younger sister goes for retainer visits. It takes a WHOLE HOUR and a half to get there, but the prices are UBER cheap. And thus we set out, me coming along only because I knew there would be shopping afterwards. After their appointments, we drove down one of the town's quaint little storefront streets, and, seeing a thrift shop we hadn't yet explored, we parked and went in. The owner (or apparently the caretaker), was not in the store, but was instead sitting outside of the store next door. He told us to go on in though, so we did. This store had room after room of clothes, some hanging on racks, and others just piled on the floor. That was clue #1 that the store was, in the words of my odd sister, "sketch" ( definition: suspicious).

So la-di-da, we look around, I find this shirt and another one (which was, tragically, polka-dotted), my sister finds the navy and white striped cardi (as seen in the first image), and such. Then the owner/caretaker/person comes in and leads us to the further back portion of the store which was previously dark and through which we had not ventured for the aforementioned reason (clue #2 this place was totally "sketch"). He takes us to the very back room... and shuts the door behind us. Because the other owner "Has the air-conditioner on."

At this point we're all thinking, "THIS PLACE IS CRAZY SKETCH!!!" as well as, "If we make it out of here alive..." etc, etc. So we look around (though I'm sure it was just to humor the man), and, finding nothing (I mean, come on, this stuff looked like it was from the '80s!! And even then, it's a wonder it wasn't burned back then. Seriously.), we return to the front (and safer part) of the store. Only we had to go to the store next door because that was where the owner/caretaker guy was. And then he wanted us to look around that store too. Finally we got around to checking out and it cost us $4 per shirt. At a sketch/po-dunky/slightly dirty resale store where there was a partially full ketchup bottle in a bathroom trash can. New clothes at Walmart tend to be cheaper than that. And he sure made us think he was giving us a deal, too. It cost us $20 (!!!) for just five tops which were USED anyway. What part of THRIFTY don't they understand?! Needless to say, I think we'll be sticking to our usual thrift store stops from here on out.

From one lady to another, watch out for those stores that scream "WE ARE SKETCHY! COME LOOK AROUND!" You might never come out of there again... with a decent-sized wallet, at least.....

Image 1 and 2: Cardi- Thrifted (at our own risk), Blouse- Deb, Skirt- Thrifted, Sunnies- Walmart
Images 3-7: Top- Thrifted (at our own risk), Skirt- Gifted, Belt- Icing, Sandals- Walmart, Hairbow- Handmade (yay crochet!)

xoxo, Lady S.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

A Puppy A Day...

Enjoying some time outside with two chihuahuas and a bichon frise- poodle mix. Sometimes the best accessory comes with four legs and fur. :)
Sweater: Kohl's, Top: Fighting Illini, Skirt: Thrift shop, Shoes: I have no idea

Monday, June 24, 2013

New Blog Coming In

The blog is getting a makeover!

I have decided to turn it into a style blog featuring the fashions of the everyday modest woman. This means, unfortunately, that the blog will be under construction for a little bit, but until then cross your fingers that the switch goes well. The change comes after realizing that there really aren't that many blogs out there that showcase true modesty in every respect of the word, and hopefully through The Ladyhood, we can bring ladies of the faith together through modest fashion.