Saturday, August 25, 2012

True Beauty...

True Beauty. It's something that everyone wants, but seems just about unobtainable to everyone. Recently, I've been wondering just what true beauty means. Does it mean the best-looking makeup, the hair with the best products, the body with the curviest curves? I'm inclined to think not. Let's take a close look at the things that truly define us- and therefore our TRUE beauty- as a person. Is it our ability to make people smile? The way we give encouragement to friends and enemies alike? Or maybe it's the way we befriend everyone that walks into our lives. Whatever makes us feel beautiful, without having to look in a mirror to see it, is what defines us as truly beautiful. Not what we put on our faces, bodies, or heads, but what we already have, in our hearts and minds.


  1. What a lovely post and very true :). Something I should definitely remember when I'm having a bad hair or clothes day :). Thanks for posting this!

    Rachael xx.


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