Friday, August 24, 2012

School Daze...

  So who's ready for the school year? Not many, I'd imagine.

  Whether it's offspring in grade school, siblings in high school, or selves in college, there's bound to be a lot of rushing around going on.
  My sisters start next week in high school- both of them!- and college starts next week for me (and if you think that gives away my age, you're wrong. I once knew a person who was in college for like 15 years!). I'm really excited about some of my classes (big surprise), and I'm worried that maybe that is a bad idea. You don't realize how un-fun something is until you see the syllabus!
  But I'll tell you what a big part of my wardrobe for school will be... fun plaids ! (went shopping yesterday especially for academic wardrobe :) )

Do you know someone who's prepping for school?

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