Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Nuts for Coconuts...

The coconut is a huge summer-time symbol, like watermelon. It stands for sun, fun, and gorgeous beaches. With summer walking out the door, however, island getaways are going with it.

That is why Dr. Decor is prescribing coconuts for a happy, tropical look to keep the fall fever down and the summer swing staying around.

Tropical Arrangement: Keep a desk or table looking bright with half a coconut (I recommend fake. The real thing smells disgusting, especially if it has been sitting around for a long time), some seashells, and a faux flower. A little bottle of ocean- inspired gemstones are a cute addition, and can be found at some craft stores.

Tropical Fan Pull: Take a long piece of string or thin ribbon and half of a coconut (once again, fake coconuts seriously recommended), punch out the little holes in the top of the coconut, and string the ribbon through it. Tie a knot in the end of the ribbon to keep the nut from falling off. If you have trouble making a big enough knot, just take a barrette and fasten it between the knot and the hole.  Add a couple flowers (hair flowers work fine). Take your seashell (or clam), carefully punch a hole in it, and string the ribbon through. Fasten a barrette between the string and the hole (this will keep it from sliding down the ribbon). Finally, tie the string/ribbon to your fan pull, securing it tightly. You don't want to end up getting konked by a coconut, after all.

Coconuts are good for a lot of uses: moisturizers, shampoos, drinks, even coconut M and M's. So go nuts... over coconuts!!!


  1. I love the way coconut smells. Mmmmm...

    The lamp pull is such a fun way to add a bit of summer to a space :)

  2. I bet coconuts smell awesome. The problem is that the only ones I have experienced have all smelled rotten. But the day will come when I shall smell an unrotten coconut. I wait in anticipation.



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