Saturday, August 11, 2012

Nature Inspired Paper Flower and Vase


You Will Need:

  •     Empty Hairspray Container, Gluestick, Glue (Bottled), Tape, Scissors, Paper, Small Piece of Wire (or Pipecleaner), Streamers.

                                         What To Do:      

            1. Take off the bottle's top. Cut paper to fit bottle under the slope, then secure with tape. Cut a piece of streamer to wrap around bottle's middle, then tape ends together.

2. Fold paper in half, then cut out flower shapes around the crease. This ensures evenness on both sides of the flower. Cut out about four, each decreasing in size. Glue (stick or bottle) in the middle of each flower and attach together, attaching the smallest flower last.

3. Cut up a small piece of streamer into confetti-like pieces. Take your bottled glue and put a couple drops in the middle of the smallest flower. Then, sprinkle your streamer pieces onto it, pressing gently to secure them. Let dry.

4. Make a circle in one end of the wire and secure, then tape to the bottom of the biggest flower. Wrap the wire around your finger to add the twists.

5. Now you can add the flower to the bottle. There are two ways you can do this:
A. Wrap the bottom of the wire around the outside neck of the bottle and twist to position the flower directly over the opening, or
B. Stick the wire inside the bottle and mess with it until it stays, making sure that the flower is visibly supported by the wire stem.

That's it! Now you can display it in a window for a sunny view
or put in on a table for fab flora decor!

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