Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Bad Hair Days...

Let me just start off by saying that I love having curly hair. Truly. But there comes a time (about three times every day, actually) when hair starts forgetting that it has curly tendencies and tries to be more like the shrubs lining the house. Yes, I mean bushy. And the only way to discipline it is by taking steel wool to it. Ok, maybe not steel wool. But it takes a long time to straighten out that wilderness. I have this problem a lot. But recently, I have been using a bottle of old shampooey type stuff that has done wonders for my hair (minus the smell). Normally, I don't let my hair do itself, but today, I didn't even have to brush it. It was perfect. So, here's some advice for fellow friends with curly craniums. Comb out your hair at night (after a shower is perfect), then style it around fingers, brushes, whatever, into the kind of curls you want. Wear it up overnight (I just clipped mine up to let the curls organize themselves, and while you think that it might be painful to sleep on clips, you don't really notice it that much), then in the morning when you take it down, you are strongly likely to see the kind of curls you want. If not, you may have a too-different hairtype, or your hair may be too far gone. But don't give up! Find a strategy that works for you.

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