Friday, August 10, 2012

Are you an Obsessed Blogger?

Do you love to blog, or love to see what others blog? Do you find yourself staying up til the wee hours clicking and typing away? Or maybe you just do it to pass the time. Either way, if you want to find out if you're that obsessed blogger that you think you may be, answer these simple questions. It may save your life. Or at least social life.

1. You get on every five minutes to see if your favorite blogger has posted anything new.
                A. Definitely. That blog is just so creative!
                B. Occasionally when I'm bored
                C. Five minutes? Try five months!

2. You're one of those bloggers that has to post right now, even if you have to maneuver around the cat that's on your lap just to get to the keyboard.
               A. It's now or never!
               B. That only happens on weekends
               C. I don't even have a cat!

3. Whenever someone asks you a question while you're on the ol' blog, they get a mumbled "mmhm" and if they're lucky, a glazed look up from the computer.
              A. Don't bother me when I'm in the zone!
              B. I'm fully coherent when I'm blogging
              C. No one catches me when I'm blogging- I'm on and off in the blink of an eye

4. The only time you stop blogging is when you fall asleep at the computer.
              A. Nope. I sleep-blog!
              B.  I don't blog that early/late
              C.  I fall asleep when I blog!

5.  Everybody knows what you're doing when you're doing it from your blog.
              A. I like to keep people informed
              B. I only post what I'm doing when it's interesting!
              C. Not me

6.  You even have a blog for your dog.
              A. No, for my cat. Her life is more interesting than any mutt's!
              B. Not quite there yet
              C. I don't even have a dog!

7. You manage ten different blogs and have joined more than you can remember.
             A. What's wrong with a blog for each of my interests?
             B. I manage what I can handle and no more
             C. You can have more than one blog?

8. You believe that if a blog doesn't have over one hundred members, it's not worth joining.
             A. I find this to be completely true.
             B. I'm happy being the first member
             C. If it's my kind of blog, I don't care how many members it has.

9. You are popular for having the most up-to-date blog. How many other bloggers post 8 times a day?
            A. Up-to-date is great!
            B. I only post once or twice a day
            C. I try to get in a post a week. Or twice a month.

10. You are an awesome blogger!
           A. That's what everyone tells me
           B. Aw, thanks!
           C. I don't really consider myself a blogger

Mostly A's:
If you answered mostly A's, you may want to reconsider how much time you spend blogging. Do you exhaust yourself staring at a screen all day?Too much screen time is bad for anyone, and is sure to keep you from doing the things that really need to be done. Is the sink loaded with dirty dishes?  Are the trash cans overflowing? If so, put down the laptop and walk away quickly. Life is calling!

Mostly B's:
If you answered mostly B's, good for you! You carefully balance the virtual world with reality. You know how to take breaks, but also when to get off. You also realize that too much computer time can be bad for you, but, when used wisely, can be good for you too!

Mostly C's:
If you answered mostly C's, I'm surprised you're still reading this! You obviously are busy with life and fit in a blog or two when you feel like there's nothing else to do. But a little blogging isn't bad. After visiting a few blogs, you may find yourself wanting to do that project that's been sitting there all those years, or wanting to redecorate that old piece of furniture in the living room. Blogging can bring out the creativity in all of us! Just be careful not to be over-bloggy, or you may end up like the person who answered mostly A's!
You may also want to consider getting a furry companion, even if you don't blog about them. They can be a person's best friend when humans won't (can be. that's not a 100% guarantee. Just ask my mother, whose cat despises her ;D).

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